Footy Fit

What is Footy Fit?

  • A Footy based fitness program that incorporates the components of fitness used in a game of Australian Football. 
  • A group fitness class for both men and women
  • A non-contact, intimidating introduction to the fitness required for Australian Football.
  • A fun way to introduce footy to your friends!

Benefits of Footy Fit?

  • Being active and promoting healthy living through footy.
  • Creating an opportunity for awareness and involvement for prospective men's and women's recruits.
  • Group fitness helps build social connections through fitness and footy
  • Entrench your club further in the community and market to a different demographic.
  • Free to run! All you need is footys and space to run the sessions, ie a park or field.

How can my club use Footy Fit?

  • Read through the guide at the link below.
  • Start your own Footy Fit group sessions!

For much more detailed information on running Footy Fit sessions out your club, download your guide here:

Footy Fit: Instructor Handbook


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