Policies and Guidelines

AFL Canada has implemented a series of policies and guidelines that set out how it protects the safety of its members, receives complaints, resolves problems, and the organization's expectations of its members, athletes, coaches, umpires, board members and employees/contractors. These documents are reviewed periodically to ensure they remain appropriate and relevant.

If you have any questions about a policy, would like to propose revisions to a policy, or would like to volunteer to create a policy that you think is important, please write to us at contact@aflcanada.com.


Policies are enforced and administered by AFL Canada when an issue arises. They set out how the organization conducts itself and its expectations of member conduct. AFL Canada is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all players and team officials, as well as to upholding high ethical and sportsmanlike standards.

Member Protection and Respect (National Policy)/Politique nationale en matière de protection et de respect des membres 

AFL Canada National Team Selection policy/Politique de sélection de l’équipe nationale d’AFL Canada

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Appeal Policy

Privacy Policy

Languages Policy 

Gender Equity Policy

Gender Diversity Policy for Community Australian Football

AFL Canada Accessibility Policy

AFL Canada Financial & Disbursement Policy


Guidelines are provided for information and use by leagues and member clubs. They are strong recommendations for how certain situations should be handled. Leagues and clubs are responsible for implementing these guidelines when applicable to their situation.

Concussion Protocol & Resources

Lightning Protocol

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