Member Benefits

Affiliation with AFL Canada entitles all clubs & members to the following benefits and support:

Provincial Affiliation

  • Free webpage and participation in the Footyweb sports management system
  • Social media support and promotional work
  • Club management support and resources
  • Access to discounted football equipment

Club Development

  • Guidance in developing leagues and clubs
  • Support in obtaining fields / equipment / oustide funding sources
  • Financial support through new club grants, applicable in the first three years of establishment

Junior Development

  • Access to free Auskick accreditation
  • Support school programming through teaching resources and age/stage appropriate playing equipment 
  • International support for AusKick gear: AusKick International Request Form
  • Opportunity to submit grant requests for junior program development

Group 3rd Party Insurance

  • Benefit from the volume discount rates AFLC obtains
  • Ability to participate in legally required insurance

National Championships

  • Opportunity to play for your Province against the best players in the country
  • Chance to try out in front of National Selectors to play for Canada
  • Opportunity for smaller leagues or newly developed regions to play more football

Long-term player, coach and umpire development

  • Strategically aligned and scientifically based programming and resources to support optimal player development across ages and stages
  • Supporting development of players, coaches and umpires from "Awareness" through to "Ultimate Performance"
  • High performance athlete development opportunities
  • Financial support of Canada's 2 National Teams: Northwind (Men) and Northern Lights (Women)
  • Coach and umpire professional development through advocacy, course access, mentorship and more

International Competition

  • Opportunity to play for Team Canada
  • Participate in international friendly competitions against other countries (for example: 49th Parallel Cup vs. USA, London Tour vs. England, Ireland, and Wales)
  • Play in AFL (and AFL affiliates) competitions (eg: Australian World Cup, US Nationals)


  • National and International advocacy and linkages with other governing sport bodies, and other Australian Football associations world-wide
  • Marketing, communications, and promotion of the sport locally, provincially and nationally
  • Policy development and oversight in areas such as concussion policies, equality and access, harassment, athlete selection policies, etc.
  • Members can vote at Annual General Meeting, generally held annually in November or early December, via electronic means


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