Our Supervisors

Our supervising team are dedicated to providing the best environment for our young referees to learn the art of refereeing a basketball game.  By striving to achieve this, we will produce better referees, have better controlled games and even help our players to improve their skills as well.

What We Do:

  • Roster referees to games
  • Educate referees
  • Be a role model to our younger, up and coming officials
  • Referee
  • Assist with game control where required.

Our Focus:

The supervisors primary focus is to educate referees on all of the aspects to do with officiating the game from mechanics to game management.  With our newer referees this may involve getting on court with them and giving them the confidence to make calls.  Once our referees have a basic competence our aim is to coach from the sideline and during timeouts/halftime - just as a team's coach works with their players.  We find that this is the best way to build confident/competent referees.

What we ask of you:

Be patient with our referees!  They are learning the game just as the players are learning the game.  They will make mistakes, they will have games where they need to lift - just as player do.  

If you are concerned about the way a game is progressing please find a senior supervisor or the Games Controller for help.  Please remember to be polite!  We are all here to help the kids enjoy our sport.


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