CBBA Videoing & Photography Policy


The City of Blacktown Basketball Association (CBBA) acknowledges that there are legitimate concerns around the taking of video footage and still photographs in CBBA basketball stadiums and CBBA basketball events.

This policy aims to draw a balance between the legitimate interests of supporters, scouts, families, coaches and CBBA to record memories and performances, and the interests of participants to protect their privacy and wrongful use of their image.

Permitted videoing/ photography in CBBA Basketball Stadiums/Event Venues and at Basketball Games.

A person is permitted to video and photograph games provided they are:

  • Related to a player, or a friend of a player, such that consent to such videoing/photography is implied; or
  • Doing so for scouting purposes; or
  • Doing so for an approved purpose of CBBA, including referee development and education or CBBA approved communications; or
  • A photographer from an approved media outlet, at the discretion of CBBA; or
  • A club/Team/school taking photos/ videos for their own communications.

Videoing/photography is banned under all circumstances in changing rooms.

Live Streaming of all CBBA Junior & Senior events for Domestic Competition is banned. Junior BNSW Representative events is also banned.

Other than specified below, videos or photographs may not be used for a commercial purpose unless permission from all persons shown in the video or photograph is received.

If a person has a concern about videoing or photography practices of another person, they should raise these concerns with a stadium official or with CBBA. Where an individual is believed to be inappropriately photographing, CBBA Stadium official will ask the individual to stop. If the individual refuses, the police may be called to deal with the matter. Under Basketball NSW Tribunal By-Laws and Member Protection By-Laws, behaviour which is unacceptable can be brought to a BNSW Tribunal.

CBBA requests that all persons take care in any online postings of images or videos, particularly images or videos of children.

Images or videos containing sensitive information should not be posted, and CBBA requires that any take down requests for images or videos taken at CBBA events be promptly complied with, irrespective of the relationship of the person requesting the take down.

There are specific instances in law where the taking of any image is banned. Such instances generally relate to child custody matters, wards of the state, restraining orders, and witness protection. It is also possible that from time to time other circumstances may also prohibit the taking of any image of an individual. Where such orders are in place it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian or individual to notify the CBBA including where appropriate the provision of a confidential copy of the order. For above mentioned cases the CBBA will use its best efforts to avoid the taking of such images.

CBBA’s use of video footage and still photographs

Purposes that CBBA may use photographs for include:

 Use on the CBBA website (for example, action photos from a competition);

  • Use in the CBBA Annual Report;
  • Use in CBBA promotional or event related material;
  • Use in Event summaries or social media.


On entry to CBBA Stadiums & Event Venues patrons wishing to video or photograph will be required to register video or camera operation.

It is a requirement that these patrons must:

Sign CBBA Videoing & Photography register on entry. Signing of the register acknowledges acceptance of the CBBA CITY OF BLACKTOWN BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION VIDEOING AND PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY

  1. Advise the opposition team before the commencement of the game/event that they will be videoing and taking photos.
  2. Wear the CBBA authorised pass while operating a video or camera within a CBBA Stadium / Venue. Ensuring that their pass is visible at all times whilst in the CBBA Stadium / Venue.
  3. Return the Authorised filming/camera pass at the conclusion of event.



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