Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015

Hoops 4 Health Aboriginal Corporation (H4H) is a registered non-for-profit Indigenous organisation

promoting healthier lifestyle choices to youth in urban, regional and remote locations. Focusing on youth

diversionary activities by using culturally appropriate methods we tailor our programs to suit the

audience with respect to family values, environment and local knowledge. Located in Darwin our

dedicated board consists of professional Indigenous role models from various locations throughout

Australia, bringing a vast knowledge of personal and professional experiences of family connections,

work, sport and community involvement activities. We deliver unique programs to suit each individual

community using sport as a vehicle to drive and deliver our messages.



To deliver professionally tailored educational and mentoring programs by experienced

Indigenous facilitators to both local and remote communities on an on-going basis with an

emphasis on enhancing and improving the quality of life of Indigenous people. To focus on

issues affecting youth using sports, namely Basketball, as a medium to increase awareness,

understanding and education of holistic factors that determine the lifestyles of youth, families

and communities.

Mission Statement

Defined as providing healthy lifestyle choices, opportunities and diversionary programs to

Indigenous youth, families and participants of the Hoops 4 Health Programs; Using a unique

and tailored approach through consultations with communities and key stakeholders to best

address their needs in urban and remote areas; Provide mentoring and support mechanisms,

as well as talent identification opportunities for young Indigenous people aspiring to be role

models to make positive changes within themselves, and their communities.


Corporate Values

Professionalism – At all times behave and act in a way that upholds the respect and

accountability through all aspects of the Organisation.

Sensitivity – Driven by, and responsive to the needs of Indigenous people and their


Innovators – In health promotion and education. ‘For you, for me... for us’

Diversity – Culturally aware, in partnership with, and sensitive to the needs of each

other and our clients.

Respect – Non-judgmental; affirming the worth and value of all people.

Excellence – Striving to improve and committed to improving the professional

service delivery of programs ensuring long term sustainability.