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ADFBA Facebook Fan Page

Best container for photo albums for all events. Links Wall Updates to Twitter account, so no need to logon to Twitter as well. Users can choose whether to view Facebook or Twitter for same content. Ideal for publishing game results.

ADFBA Twitter
Automatically repeats Facebook Fan Page wall posts on Twitter Page, making ideal medium to communicate results to members.

ADFBA Wikipedia Page
Wikipedia is used as the historic record of the ADBA. However Wikipedia is least secure website as any user can create entries on the page, however this is tracked and scrutinised by the Wiki community. Therefore the deliberate graffiti of web pages should be minimal, however to protect our history a backup is periodically copied by Web Manager to the Official Site, under heading 'Our History'.

ADFBA Gmail Account

Electronic storage account for ADBA Committee. For document web sharing and protection to avoid publicly publishing on Official site.
www.gmail.com > adba.basketball@gmail.com

ADFBA Notice Board


ADFBA National Championships

Will be held at

RAAF Base Townsville

16 - 27 Nov 22