About Us

Basketball Managers Inc (formerly Basketball Managers Victoria) is a proud not for profit professional group established many years ago to provide networking and training opportunities for all Basketball Managers with the outcome to improve our collective venues, facilities, programs and the wonderful sport of Basketball in general.  We meet quarterly at host member venues and discuss all matters of stadium management to improve efficiency and quality and to also provide necessary group therapy in dealing with common dilemmas and issues of our proud industry.

Committee Members

President                                   Greg Jeffers  

Secretary/General Manager       Simone Cielesh

Vice President                            vacant

Treasurer                                    Mark Hallett

Committee Members             
                                            Brian Harvey
                                            Sandy Lawrence
                                            Shane Palmer

                                            Wayne Bird
                                            Dennis O'Brien
                                            Erin Waldock





2009 - Dennis O'Brien

2011 - Bill Runchy

2013 - Brian Harvey
           Grant Wallace
           David Hickman
           Mike Bullock
           John Matthews
           Wayne Bird

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