3-Point Shooting Champ

3-Point Shooting Competition. The SADB Three Point Shooting contest was first held in 2018 at the SA Inter-Service Tournament. The competition is sixty (60) seconds to shoot five balls from five stations, totalling 25 shots. The last shot at each station being the money ball, with a possibility for a maximum of 30 points. The participation is a Combined mens and womens competition, with a representative from each Inter-Service team competing. 

12 - Charlotte "Charlea" Taylor (Army)

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Open Court Time - All Welcome! 
Tue & Thu 1600-1730 @ EDN 
POC PTE Oliver Lipshus 
SA Inter-Service Tournament 
TBA 3rd Quarter of 2022 @ EDN 
ADFBA Championships 
TBA 4th Quarter of 2022 @ TBA 
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State Team 
State OIC CAPT Julian Brunero 
State Rep LCPL Kelly Spence 
State Mgr WO2 Ben Kellaway 

Inter-Service Womens Teams
Air Force - Vacant 
Army LCPL Kelly Spence 
NavyLS David Dunne 
Inter-Service Mens Teams 
Air Force  CPL Benjamin Wiencke 
Air Force 92WG SGT Hong Le 
Army Keswick WO2 David Portakiewicz 
Army Woodside WO2 Ben Kellaway 
Army Edinburgh CAPT Julian Brunero 
Navy - LS David Dunne 

2019 Inter-Service Results

15-16 Aug 2019 @ RAAF Edinburgh, SA

Army (EDN) def Air Force 60-54

Justin Galbraith MVP Trophy
Hong Le