Training Booking Process

Team Managers please be aware of the process below when organising training sessions. The EDN PTI's are happy to facilitate SADB bookings organised in advance:

  1. Team POC - Send email
    Subj: SADB EDN Gym Training Booking Request.
    Details: Date/Timings/Purpose/Person to collect key. 

  2. SADB will endorse and make booking on the EDN PTI SharePoint page on your behalf.

  3. SADB will endorse your email and send to the EDN PTI mailbox (cc yourself), so that you have authority to pick up basketball court key.

  4. SADB will list your training times on the SADB website

  5. Team POC – Post training times on the SADB Facebook group, and invite members to your session.

  6. Team POC – Pickup key from EDN PTI office (Fri lunchtime’ish) if a weekend booking.

  7. Team POC – Return key, by depositing in the keybox (yes, this has changed again).

SADB Notice Board

Open Court Time - All Welcome! 
Tue & Thu 1600-1730 @ EDN 
POC PTE Oliver Lipshus 
SA Inter-Service Tournament 
TBA 3rd Quarter of 2022 @ EDN 
ADFBA Championships 
TBA 4th Quarter of 2022 @ TBA > Join SADB 


State Team 
State OIC CAPT Julian Brunero 
State Rep LCPL Kelly Spence 
State Mgr WO2 Ben Kellaway 

Inter-Service Womens Teams
Air Force - Vacant 
Army LCPL Kelly Spence 
NavyLS David Dunne 
Inter-Service Mens Teams 
Air Force  CPL Benjamin Wiencke 
Air Force 92WG SGT Hong Le 
Army Keswick WO2 David Portakiewicz 
Army Woodside WO2 Ben Kellaway 
Army Edinburgh CAPT Julian Brunero 
Navy - LS David Dunne 

2019 Inter-Service Results

15-16 Aug 2019 @ RAAF Edinburgh, SA

Army (EDN) def Air Force 60-54

Justin Galbraith MVP Trophy
Hong Le