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Club Assistant Referees

From 2015, HCCF requires each team to have at least two (2) playing or non-playing member qualified as a Club Assistant Referee. They will then be able to assist HCCF Referees on match days with linesman duties.

To qualify, members are required to initially attend a 30 minute seminar, with a short multiple choice test and practical signalling demonstration. The seminar will be administered by the HCCF Referees Club, and held immediately prior to the March (or April) HCCF monthly council meeting, at the same venue.

To maintain accreditation, each subsequent year, all such members are required to attend the seminar to refresh, and be updated on any changes to the applicable Laws of the Game (no test is required).

Online Course

For those wishing to test their knowledge and receive a Laws of the Game Certificate, perhaps to start their journey to becoming an officially accredited referee, there is a Laws of the Game Online Course:  This is an online course provided by Football Federation Australia. It is totally free of charge.

You will need to first register an account. During the account registration process, you will need to select a Federation. This is just for statistical purposes. You do not need to enter a FFA number. This will give you access to the referee workbook which contains questions in a variety of formats for each Law. You do not need to complete the workbook in one sitting. Login to your account whenever you have time!

Once you have successfully completed the workbook you will have the option to complete the referee exam. If you successfully complete the exam, you will receive a Laws of the Game Certificate.

If you find you like the idea of refereeing in our competition and actually getting paid rather than volunteering, you can then register for the Level 4 course, which will enable you to become an accredited Referee, either as “centre” referee, or you can elect to confine yourself to Assistant Referee (linesman).

The above Laws of the Game Certificate does not qualify you as a referee, but is a pre-requisite, and a good start, to becoming an official referee.

Please contact the Referee’s Secretary at for information on when the next referee’s courses are to be held.

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