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As a registered member of Griffith Basketball Association INc you will be covered by Basketball NSW player injury insurance scheme.

To find out more about that insurance cover please click here. In addition, Griffith Basketball Association Inc  strongly recommends that all players have private health insurance and also consider income protection insurance if they are working. 

Attached is a copy of the new Injury Incident Report Form as well as an updated Injury Reports Procedure clearly outlining the responsibility of the Association and the Association’s representative teams’ officials with regard to the completion of the form and what should happen with the form once completed. Associations are requested not to use the old injury report forms as they are now considered outdated and do not provide adequate information.

You will also find below a current copy of certificate of currency.

Member Protection Policy

You are also protected by our Member Protection Policy which is designed to ensure a fun, sporting environment without harassment or discrimination of any kind. 

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U13 15 Girls Autumn competition 2019
1 Rockets 36
2 Storm 26
3 Hawks 18
4 Sparks 16
U17 Boys Autumn Competition 2020
1 Yenda Prods Fuel 31
2 Demons White 26
3 Demons Red 25
4 CFCU Green 18
5 Demons Blue 17
6 CBA Bank 11