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No chance for 'our' own team without Sheedy

THE concept of an all-Aboriginal AFL team was knocked down as quickly as it was suggested, with none other than champion of the Aboriginal cause, Kevin Sheedy, giving it an emphatic thumbs down.


Norm would be proud

HIS former club recruited him 50 years ago this year and that same club is now perhaps one of the more prominent with its work with Indigenous football.


Are All-Stars teams NT-centric?

WINNING exhibition games in February isn't everything, but the nature of the AFL Indigenous All-Stars' 50-point loss to Essendon in Darwin two weeks ago was disappointing.


Did our boys cause series cancellation?

THE Gaelic Athletic Association's stunning decision last month to pull out of this year's International Rules series has come about over its concerns of the 'thuggish' display by the Australians.


How coaching is helping our people

THERE is an important development taking place in Darwin and one that, hopefully, will be replicated in football communities across the country.


Nhama, Gary Dhurrkay

TRIBUTES have poured in from family, friends, acquaintances, Dockers and Kangaroos fans and the general football public from across the country for Gary Dhurrkay, whose untimely death came just over a week ago.


Thank you, Joe Johnson

IN all likelihood, and like many a young man of his time, Joe Johnson may have just wanted to play a game of football. But little did he realise that his actions were a small yet crucial step in the history of the game for Indigenous Australians.

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