The Flying Boomerangs

THE Flying Boomerangs is a personal development and leadership program incorporating a match series against developing international countries: South Africa (2006, 2008), Papau New Guinea (2009), Tonga (2010) and Fiji (2011). The participants are 14-15 years of age.

February 2006 (to South Afrtica)

February 2008 (to South Afrtica)
Western Australia: Alliston Pickett, Johnson Taylor, Hayden Collard
New South Wales: Djali Bloomfield, Thomas Kickett, Anthony Taylor
Northern Territory: Steven May, Ashley Lansen, Curtly Hampton, Anthony Hale, Stanley Turner
Queensland: Thomas Holland, Anzack Newman, Kieran Johnson, Peter Yagmoor, Rex Liddy
Victoria: Tyrone Bean, Brandon Edwards, Richard Bamblett, Dylan Somerville
South Australia: Joshua Wittwer, Timothy Milera, Nathan Ahmat-Watkins, Jarrad Brusnahad
Tasmania: Daniel Cox

March 2009 (to PNG)

December 2010 (to Tonga)

December 2011 (to Fiji)

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