Northern Territory Football League

WHILE football went into recess or into a reduced form in most areas during the First World War, it was at this time that the game got its start in the Northern Territory. The fledgling Northern Territory Football League's first season was in 1917, and on January 27 of that year, Waratah and Wanderers played in the Top End's first formal match.

Nichols Medallists (Fairest-and-Best)
1946/47 Leo PON (Darwin)

1950/51 Steve ABALA snr (Darwin)
1954/55 Billy ROE (St Mary's)
1956/57 Harold MUIR (Works and Housing)
1957/58 Ted COOPER (Wanderers)
1958/59 Terry LEW FATT (St Mary's) Joe BONSON (Works/Housing) (tie)
1959/60 Joe BONSON (Works/Housing) Peter MARREGO (Wanderers) (tie)

1961/62 Ted COOPER (Wanderers)
1962/63 Bertram KANTILLA (Waratahs)
1963/64 Benny LEW FATT (Nightcliff)
1964/65 Gympie LEW FATT (St Mary's)
1965/66 Rusty MOREEN (Wanderers)
1966/67 Leon GREGORY (St Mary's)
1967/68 Don STOKES (Darwin)
1968/69 Alan MUIR (Darwin) Maurie RYAN (Wanderers) (tie)
1969/70 John PEPPERILL (St Mary's)

1970/71 Ken BONSON (Nightcliff)
1971/72 Keith NICKELS (Waratahs)
1972/73 Joe DABY (Nightcliff)
1973/74 Michael GRAHAM (St Mary's)
1975/76 Ron QUALL (Darwin)
1976/77 Basil DAMASO (Darwin)
1977/78 Mark MOTLOP (Nightcliff)
1978/79 John TYE (Nightcliff)

1980/81 Joe DABY (Nightcliff)
1983/84 William BRISTON (Darwin)
1987/88 Steven STOKES (Darwin)
1988/89 Willie RIOLI (St Mary's)

1991/92 Jason JONES (Darwin)
1992/93 Noel LONG (St Mary's)
1993/94 Jason JONES (Darwin)
1995/96 Cyril RIOLI jnr (St Mary's)
1996/97 Norm MURPHY (Nightcliff)
1997/98 Norm MURPHY (Nightcliff)
1998/99 Adrian COLLARD (Sthn Districts) Tommy WEETRA (St Mary's) (tie)
1999/00 Kelvin MAHER (Southern Districts)

2000/01 Kelvin MAHER (Southern Districts)
2001/02 Bruce JARMYN (Southern Districts)
2002/03 Ben AHMAT (Darwin)
2003/04 Tim KARPANY (Wanderers)
2006/07 Shannon RUSCA (Southern Districts)
2007/08 Warren BERTO (Nightcliff)

Chaney Medallists (Best-on-Ground in Grand Final)
1970/71 Reuben COOPER (Darwin)
1977/78 Benny VIGONA (St Mary's)
1978/79 Michael GRAHAM (St Mary's)

1985/86 Dennis DUNN (St Mary's)
1986/87 Steven LONG (St Mary's)
1988/89 David ROSS (Darwin)
1989/90 Noel LONG (St Mary's)

1990/91 Willie RIOLI (St Mary's)
1992/93 Russell JEFFREY (Wanderers)
1994/95 Noel LONG (St Mary's)
1995/96 Noel LONG (St Mary's)
1996/97 Jock McLEOD (St Mary's)

2001/02 Robert CAMPBELL (Nightcliff)
2005/06 Darryl WHITE (Darwin)

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