Working with Children Policy

Port Phillip Basketball Association Inc.


More information from PPBA to follow.


The aim of our association’s policy is to comply with both the new laws regarding working with children, and also with Basketball Victoria’s interpretation of these laws.

To this end, we will require each coach and manager of a team to obtain a valid Working with Children Check. This applies to every coach and manager, from the beginning of 2009. A team will not be registered or permitted to play without these checks.

Exemptions that are acceptable are coaches who are under 18 years of age, police and registered teachers.  Proof of age (or underage), police identity and Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registration card, in the form of a photocopy, will be required instead.

Apply for a Working with Children Check at your local post office. This is free for volunteers.

As an Affiliate Member of Basketball Victoria we are required to ensure that the Annual Basketball Victoria Statutory Declaration form is completed as well as the Working With Children Check. 

Both these documents are required even if your child is in the team you are coaching or managing.  This is a Basketball Victoria directive that must be complied with and is in addition to the WWCC regulation.


Contact Details

Competition Administrator: Rosemary Williamson
Phone: 0402 047 975