Club History

25 Years QBL and Queensland Classics

The Club has tried to put together 25 Years of history of our Junior and Senior Rep Teams. If anyone has any phohto's that we could use of teams or even Individauls that we are missing from our M.V.P. would be greatly appreciated. Turn up the volune and listern to the Club Song.more

Junior Maroochy R.S.L. Clippers Rep Teams 2010

This a power point presentation of all of our Junior teams and how they performed a the Queensland State Championship 2010. Turn up your volume and listen to the Clippers Songmore

Ladies & Mens Queensland Reps from 1973 up to 2010


Eagles /Clippers Ladies 1986 -2010

History Of Current and past player in the order they played, as well as thier career Stats on records availablemore

Eagles /Clippers Men 1986-2019

History of current and past players in the order they played,plus career stats on information availablemore

Eagles/Clippers Coaches 1986-2010


Coaching History Ladies Coaches 1986-2010


Coaching History Men's Coaches 1986-2010


Eagles/Clippers Ladies M.V.P's since 1986 to 2010


Eagles/Clippers Mens M.V.P's since 1986 to 2010


The Maroochy Eagles/Clippers Centurions from 1986 to 2010

Regignition of players and coaches who have been involved for 100 games in State Basketball League or the QABLmore

Eagles/Clippers Highest Achiever 1986 to 2010


The Lance Lang award 2010

Award to peoplewho get things done without a fussmore

Maroochy RSL Clippers Statisical Awards for 2010

The Clippers Ladies and Men's Statiscal awards for 2010more
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Clippers Player Registrations

CLIPPERS Saturday Miniball & Development

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Bring the big games back to the Clipper Dome
Home of Sunshine Coast Basketball
Massive thank you to the following for their generous Grand Stand Pledges
Melvic Contructions                       1 seat
Councilor Christian Dickson          50 seats
Colliers International                    10 seats
BBC Digital                                   10 seats
Online Registration Services          1 seat
Shane Truscott                               1 seat
Josh Truscott                                  1 seat
Gary Westaway Memorial               1 seat
Lynne Goss                                     1 seat
Humter Wise                                   1 seat
Empyrean Lighting                           3 seats
Sunshine Coast Sports Federation   1 seat
Lazare Family                                  8 seats
Clippers Junior Club                       22 seats
Investor Finance                            1 seat
Just $400 plus GST puts your name on a grand stand seat for the life of the grand stand. First in first picks
Cooporate signage included for 10 or more seats.
Come on lets get this done.
Pledge your support now by calling Shane 54448877


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