General Information


A fully completed registration form and a minimum payment of $100 to cover Basketball Tasmania's insurance and registration are required prior to the first game. For legal reasons we are unable to allow an unregistered and uninsured player to take the court. The Winter 2014 registration form is available for download.  Please click on the link at the bottom of this page to retrieve it.  These should be submitted in person or sent by email to

Committee Members:
If any parents are interested in getting involved with the Cavaliers Basketball Club Committee please let Melissa Green or Charlotte Collins know. The more involvement we have from parents the better our Club will become.

Training & Game Attendance:
If you are unable to attend training or a game throughout the season it would be appreciated if you could let your coach know soon as you are aware that you will be unable to attend.

Team Managers:
Each team needs a team manager. This person usually organises uniforms, distributes newsletters and other information. This includes organising a roster for the score table and they are the first point of contact for the team. The team manager should not be expected to score each week.

Score Table:
Each team needs to provide a scorer for the score table at each game. Parents are expected to cover this. Please let your manager know if you need training in this area. There is printed information available under the resources link on the left or you can contact any committee member to help you.

Team App:

We use the Cavaliers Basketball Club team app to send out updates and provide information about fixturs, ladders and other notifications. It can be downloaded here. Once you've downloaded to your mobile device, just search for Cavaliers Basketball Club. 


We maintaina  Facebook page which provides updates as well. We reserve the right to delete any comments we deem aren't suitable, so please continue to be polite and friendly in all your comments. The page can be found by clicking here

Fees for the 2014 Winter Season:

Please enquire with one of our contacts if you wish to know the Winter Roster fees for 2014.

Tops and shorts are provided by the Club. Please do not put these in the dryer or leave them on the line for too long. We outfitted the entire Club in 2011 with new uniforms and we order more as needed. Please be mindful that these uniforms have to be returned at the end of each roster. A replacement fee of $100 per uniform will be imposed if this doesn't occur 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to the coach, manager, or any of the committee members.

 Best wishes for the season and above all else - have fun!

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