A League Of Their Own

The league will be run on Saturday morning from 10:00 – 12:00. It will consist of a 30-minute warm up/skills session efore we launch into games. These times may be extended due to popular demand.

We understand that some girls do not join/play sport as they are not comfortable playing in a mixed league. We are aiming that with ALOTO, those girls love, join and play our game.

A League Of Their Own will be starting 17th June 2021. The first week of the return to school and our second half of junior competition

The cost of Term 1 is for existing members is nil.  For girls from other Associations affiliated with Basketball Qld is $91.73, the MBBI Memebrship Fee.  For new girls, the MBBI fee needs to be paid plus the Basketball Qld Membership ($69.09).  All the fees are valid for 365 days.

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Our goal for A League Of Their Own is to garner as much interest from young girls and have as many girls playing in ALOTO as possible. By the end of Term 3 we aim to have our very own girls’ competition in U11 and U13s which will be played alongside our regular competitions and not have a need for mixed comps in these age groups. This would be fantastic if we can make this happen for the beginning of the 2021 Winter Season. However, building numbers for girls does take time, so your help is greatly appreciated.

ALOTO will allow the girls to develop and flourish in their own competition and receive the same development opportunities through game play that the boys and all other age groups receive.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please contact our Development Director Lucas Calvert and he will be happy to answer and discuss these with you. develop@moretonbaysuns.com


Lucas Calvert
Development Director


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