Joining The Lions

We're a growing Club that welcomes new players and families.

Steps to Joining the Lions to PLAY BASKETBALL:

  1. Read the Player/Parent Handbook - This outlines our process, player expectations, uniforms and Club fees.   This Document is very important and will answer many 'newbie' questions.

  2. Join the Pride Email List - Keep up to date with "Come & Try" Sessions, Season and Training Start Dates and other Special Events.

  3. Join TeamApp -
    This is one of the most frequent and preferred methods to broadcast Club and Team messages.
    While you may not belong to a Team at present, we welcome you to join the "Come & Try" group.
    If you have progressed into a Team, please select that Team for communications.

  4. Lions Official Facebook Page -
    If you're on Facebook, be sure to LIKE our page for Club news, events and success!
    LIKE US    We're also on Instagram now -

  5. Stay Tuned
    Await for communications regarding Come & Try, Registration & Trials Day and/or Players Wanted call out. 

    If you require an update or have a question, please forward your contact to  or  EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST TO JOIN   

  6. Registration to Play
    WINTER 2020 is on NOW - Individual Player Registration
    Registration (Intention to Play (ITP) Link) is released by the committee in preparation for the Summar and Winter seasons (it is required before the first training session for the Season).
    Players that have not registered and paid their ITP fee are not covered by insurance and therefore are not allowed to train or play games.

  7. You can express an interest to come out to our next Trials Sesssion before the Summer and Winter Seasons.  CLICK HERE TO EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST.

    Summer is OPEN TRIALS - It is public and promoted.
    Winter is CLOSED TRIALS - Invitation only for those that have expressed prior interest for limited team positions.


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