Intent to Play

All players (seniors and juniors) intending to play with the Central Districts Basketball Club must complete their registration as an “Intent to Play” (online registration) and pay a $60 fee to be registered.

This fee is deducted from the upcoming basketball seasons subscription/fees. This fee is non-refundable unless the Central District Basketball Club is unable to offer the intending player a team position.

Outstanding Fees

Players with any outstanding fees owed from previous seasons will not be eligible to start playing a new season until payment has been made in full or a payment plan instituted with the agreement of the Treasurer or Fees Officer (email: finance@lionsbasketball.com.au).

Fees Due Date

All Fees are payable by the due date as per the invoice(s). Players with any outstanding monies owed past the invoice due by date will be advised that they are not eligible to play or train until payment has been made in full, or a payment plan instituted. Additionally they may be required to pay fees in full before the commencement of the next season.


A discount structure may be applied at the discretion of the Central District Basketball Club or for early payment, only if fees are paid by the due date shown on the invoice. CDBC is committed to supporting our coaches and as such offer a substantial discount on fees to any parent or player involved as the coach of a CDBC team.

Country Players dependent upon the distance of their residential address from STARplex may also be eligible for a discount.  (Refer to the Parent Handbook link above)

Outstanding Fees

Players with any outstanding monies owed from previous seasons will not be eligible to play until payment has been made in full or a payment plan instituted, which will require the agreement of the fees officer.

Any players with outstanding fees at the completion of the season who were the beneficiary of a fee discount for that season forfeit that discount and are liable for the full amount.

Furthermore any players with outstanding fees at the completion of that season in which the fees were due, will be charged an administration fee and be responsible for any further debt recovery costs.


All parents and players are reminded they are responsible for retaining the receipt of any payments; the Club accepts no responsibility for lost receipts. This is especially relevant for payments through STARplex or cash payments directly to the Club.

Fee Reductions/Refunds

Full Fees are payable regardless of the number of games played in any given season.
Applications in writing can be submitted to the Management Committee (email: finance@LionsBasketball.com.au) for consideration of unusual circumstances (eg job transfers, season ending injury). In general no refunds will be given; however, a credit can be applied to future fees incurred with the CDBC.

Junior players not offered a full team position can be offered a development membership, of reduced fees to cover the costs associated with their training and development, with the belief they will improve and then be offered a playing position.

Any junior players/parents facing financial hardship are encouraged to apply to the Treasurer for consideration of reduced fees at finance@lionsbasketball.com.au. The Treasurer will then make a recommendation to the CDBC Management Committee for approval. Fees and Club budgets are set by the Executive Management Committee and available on request from the CDBC Treasurer, Fees Officer or Secretary.

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