Coaches Guidelines

Coaches are free to coach according to their team’s strengths, weaknesses and their own philosophies.  However the following philosophies will be adopted club wide.  Feel free to discuss any of the below points the Coaching Director or to suggest any additional points.


  1. Coaches are to familiarise themselves with the ‘Play by the Rules’ code of conduct available at and navigating, on the left hand navigation menu, to “coaches and officials”, “Your roles and responsibilities”.  A basic overview is listed here:
    • Coaches, officials and others: 
      • have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for players and participants that is free from discrimination, harassment and abuse 
      • have the right to be treated respectfully and fairly in carrying out their duties 
      • should also take care not to be placed in a situation where they could be accused of discrimination, harassment or child abuse.
    • Coaches and others should: 
      • not lose their temper 
      • ensure physical contact is appropriate
      •  adopt positive language and behaviour 
      • treat all team members appropriately.
  1. Our coaches will learn about and develop an understanding of the Australian High Performance Pathway and guide our athletes in setting goals and achieving along this pathway.


  1. We know, down to our “bones”, that aggressive defence will win games.  Our junior program will be recognised for our “on-ball” defence and our defence 1 pass away from the ball and our level of pressure and aggression


  1. We will use man-on-man (woman-on-woman) defence to develop our player’s defensively.  We will not play zone at all in the summer season.  We will not play much zone in the Winter season.  We may play zone in key tournaments such as State Championships if that will help our teams win.


  1. Our Coaches will utilise a motion offense.  We define motion offense as any offense where ball movement predominantly precipitates player movement as opposed to player movement predominantly precipitating ball movement and also where players must learn to make their own reads within the offense and be able to create scoring opportunities by breaking down their defence off the dribble or off of some offensive screening action (Screen, Cut, Creating Space etc.) .


  1. Practice will be constantly moving and players will show a sense of urgency.  When calling players in at practice, we will call “bunch it up”.  Players will have 8 seconds to run in and 5 seconds to talk it up and high five their team mates for a job well done.


  1. Players learn by doing more than listening or seeing.  "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."


  1. Good, hard transition will form the basis of our team offense.  We will teach “Clear” or “Sweep” in our transition on a made basket.  On a missed basket we will run “Lion” as our primary break.


  1. We will teach players how to create scoring opportunities.  We will teach players Memphis/Dribble drive motion/AASAA concepts & drills in our trainings but the level to which coaches use these in games will be up to them.


  1. Individual feedback is honest, direct and readily given.  Coaches will do at least 1 individual written review with each player throughout the year.


  1. Respect is two-ways.  Players will refer to their coach as “coach” whenever they are on court at trainings or games.  Coaches will treat players with respect.


  1. Coaching depth and leaving a legacy.  Current Senior players will be encouraged to join our coaching ranks as Assistant Coaches.  All coaches will work together to approach current players and move them into coaching.  Most Senior player’s greatest chance to leave a legacy to our game is to get into Junior coaching and produce the next great athletes.


  1. Footwork, explosiveness and coordination.  All players will own a skipping rope and use it.  We will be skipping experts (doubles, singles, singles with ankle weights, alternate feet, both feet etc.)


  1. Our players and parents are encouraged to develop friendships with each other.  Parents should arrange a player’s gathering at the start of the season for all to get to know each other.  Car pooling is encouraged as it is a great to get to know each other and beat ever rising fuel costs.

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