Country/Metro boundary

SA Country Basketball is responsible for the development and support of all basketball activities in the country zone. The zone is defined and can be viewed in detail by downloading the file below for use in Google Earth. A link to download Google Earth is also below.

An athlete can play basketball in and for any Association regardless of where they live. Where the boundary needs to be considered is if the athlete is aiming to play representitive basketball in either the Country or Metropolitan Development (Country Cup, Southern Cross Challenge, East Coast Challenge etc.) and State programs (National Championships).

Eligibility rules relating to Country/Metro boundaries

  • Principal eligibility will be determined by the location of the family home
  • If a player is attending a school in the metropolitan area their eligibility will be determined by the location of the family home
  • In the case of a separated family situation residential status is to be based on the location of the parent with whom the player lives the majority of their time.
  • If the location of the family home changes within 3 months of the start of the Championship residential status will be based on the location of the family home prior to the 3 months.

Other notes:

  • The new metro-country boundary was introduced on 1 January 2014 and applies to all players that have not represented South Australia.
  • Players that have represented SA Contry or Metro teams previously that were born before 1 January 2014 that reside within the zone affected by the changes are exempt from the new zone whilst they continue to reside at the same residence after 1 January 2014.
  • Once a player has been selected to represent SA Country or Metro in a Development Tournament (U14 and above) which includes Country Cup, Southern Cross Challenge etc or at a National Junior Championship their future representative basketball will be tied to that program until their age group has concluded under 18 state program.


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