Basketball Australia Club Coach Accreditation

What is it?

The BA Club Coach Course aims to formally educate coaches through clinics, online learning and marked assessements. It is the second teir of Basketball Australia's Coach Accreditation Framework. 

What is the content and who can do it?

The course consists of six hours of practical on court work, one hour of online training and an assessment to be completed within 7 days following attendance of the course.

It is suitable for coaches of all levels looking to gain a deeper understanding of how to plan a season, structure a training session, and build in individual and team skills to both their offence and defence. The information contained within this course is very broad and touches upon all the major elements involved within coaching a team at club and association levels of competition.

Each participant also needs to complete the online and free BA Community Accreditation before being eligible for the Club Coach course.

How much is it?

To attend a BA Club Coach Course and receive a Basketball Australia accreditation, the participant needs to register online and pay a fee of $100 for adults or $70 for students and minors under 18.

How many participants do we need to run a course?

A minimum of 10 partipants and a maximum of 30 participants per session is required. 

Who delivers the course?

SA Country Basketball's accredited Coach Presenters are available to deliver the Club Coach Course to members of SA Country affiliated associations.

Who do I contact to organise a course?

Interest can only be expressed via an SA Country affiliated association to SA Country Basketball directly. Individuals may express their interest to the associations.

Associations can email to express their interest. 


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