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Accreditation via Prior Learning Policy

South Australia

Basketball in South Australia requires the services of accredited, approved presenters and Referee Coach/assessors to assist in the ongoing development and education of officials.

It must be recognized that there exists in many local associations dedicated and experienced people who currently carry out this important role. These people may or may not be officially recognized or hold any state/national level of accreditation.

During seasons 2013/14 and 2014/15 it is planned to implement a program where associations can nominate local individuals who assist in their local referee/officials development program and meet a set criteria. This information is then considered by an assessment panel and they may grant formal recognition in specific areas for specific levels of accreditation and based on experience, skills and prior learning.

Once officially recognized and approved these officials will become part the approved delivery system of Referee Coach, Presenter and Assessor members that are charged with the responsibility of delivering, educating, presenting and assessing referees/officials throughout the state.

Nomination Process   (Please note – preference is for nomination via on-line system)

Associations can nominate local members who meet the required criteria. The nominee would be considered for accreditation at one of the following grades;

  • Referee Coach Grade 0 - authorised to approve Referee Level 0
  • Referee Coach Grade 1B - authorised to approve Referee Level 0 and 1C
  • Referee Coach Grade 1A – authorised to approve Referee Level 0, 1C and 1B

Within your association you may have a person or persons who currently assist in working with beginner referees. This is just the person we would like you to nominate. If they hold no Referee Coach or presenter accreditation we can assist here by examining their experience and prior learning and reward them.

This is all in line with the new State Officials Accreditation Policy. To be officially recognised and receive the State and National Levels of accreditation we require approved Referee Coaches to evaluate and sign-off each level. The prior learning option is a way to start within each association and will assist in delivering local development and give more local ownership to their referee program.

An association who has members who meet the criteria or a referee who meets the criteria and is wishing to nominate should complete the required form or submit their details via the on-line version. All questions must be completed and the name and contact details of a local association committee member or authorised referee co-ordinator who supports the nomination must be included.  

Nominations can be on going and will be considered within 14-21 days of submission. On-line form is via the link below;

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact

Mike Gibson;   0449 522 991

Nomination/Selection Criteria

The committee shall review each nomination and consider the details of prior learning experience and skills submitted. To be considered for accreditation based on “prior learning” the official must satisfy the following criteria;

  • is nominated/approved by their local association and
  • is currently a financial member with the local association and
  • is actively officiating and/or working in education and development at an appropriate level in the local association or has been officiating in the local association during the past 5 years
  • is aged 18 years or older
  • has ambition and goal to work with young developing referees and assist in course delivery, on-court feedback and evaluation and
  • holds minimum Level 1C accreditation or previous Level 1 or higher

Approval and Grading Specific

Based on the information supplied and any investigation of previous experience and skill the committee may reject or approve a nomination.

It may be a requirement that the nominee complete as part of their nomination a theory exam based on a specific level of accreditation.

On approval the committee will issue the appropriate level of accreditation which will validate authorisation to work in the education, presentation and assessment/evaluation/sign-off of specified levels of competencies for accreditation.

The nominee once approved will receive;

  • authorisation to approval/assess and sign off the state/national levels of accreditation
  • a letter outlining accreditation requirements and competencies
  • valid accreditation card with authorisation levels of approval
  • database entry at state/national level with approval levels
  • Information on delivery of course programs at the local level

A letter will be sent to the nominating association indicating the authorisation level of the accreditation for the new Referee Coach and how this will assist in local referee development.

Accreditation and Local Development Value

Many associations will have individuals who work in education of newer referees. This may be just with feedback between two referees during rostered games or it may be with a course or lecture system.

As the number of local authorised Referee Coaches increases the association will have access to better development opportunities for their local referees. Basketball Officials SA will work with these new Referee Coaches and assist in the delivery and education process.

The programs for Level 0 and 1C referee accreditation are becoming easier for local delivery and we can now supply all the tools required to satisfactorily sign-off on-court assessments at the local level.

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