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UBA Strategic Plan 2014-16



The UBA is committed to providing leadership and to develop and grow the sport of basketball locally and within the North West Region of Tasmania.


To successfully promote and develop the sport of basketball both at recreational and representative team level and to maintain our position as one of the leading Basketball Associations within Tasmania.


v    Committeto the development obasketball according to the principalof Basketball Tasmania and Basketball Australia.

v    Committeto the development obasketball at all levels.

v    Committeto an environment oethicaconduct and fairplay.

v    Committeto collaborative and open relationships with our sponsors, volunteers, parents, players and supporters.


v    Continued promotion of the UBA Junior Development Program.

v    Promotion of coaching education for all representative teams and schooprograms.

v    Maintaining an active, committed and experienced Board of Directors.

v    Work collaboratively trecruit and retain team officials and volunteers.


v    Strong leadership and commitment at the board and coaching level.

v    Communication with members on alprogramming via web and email.

v    Facilty and amenities are both modern and superior within the state (and interstate)

v    Healthy relationship with all partners including Local Council, Regional Bodies, State Association, Sponsors, officials, schools and club members.


v    Recruitment and retention of female coaches.

v    Retention of Senior Players to Junior Coaching positions.

v    Accessing additional corporate sponsorship for the Association.

v    Reducing costs foelite athletes involved with regional/state team programs.

v    Implementing coaching programs directly into the school system.


1             Implement a Junior Referee and Score- Bench recruitment and training program.


  • To target our existing representative team players and their parents to get involved with refereeing and score-bench duties.
  • To provide referee and score bench training courses for all representative team players/parents.
  • Encourage scorers and referees with opportunities to enhance skills with support at Senior games and tournaments.

Contact Person:

Completion Date  June 2016

2       Support Staff - The UBA fund over a two year term (minimum) the appointment of a part-time Basketball Development Officer with the main focus of the position to increase the number of participants in basketball in Ulverstone and coach development.

Action Steps:

Coaching Development

  • Build the number of local coaches, provide education and support to these new coaches.
  • Identify opportunities to support and encourage coaches to improve education/accreditation/knowledge - local roster and Junior Intertown


  • Improve participation numbers, create new rosters – all ages
  • Create and facilitate a Kinder/Prep ‘ball activities’ program to entice new participants
    • Identify opportunities (Seniors, Social, Corporate etc) to improve relationships with likely partners,


  • Coach2Coach – Coach/player Development
  • Sports Forum – fund raising

Work with Senior imports

  • Promotion – integrating the skills of our Import Players with local participants.
  • Building relationships between Imports/Schools to promote the sport.

Grant Funding

  • Source funding to support new activities/opportunities
  • Building sustainability for basketball development

Contact Person:

Completion Date  June 2016

3             Coach Development and Leadership - To appoint a Co-ordinator of Coaching who shall be responsible for co-ordinating a UBA Coaches Group and implementing Coach & player education programs.

Action Steps:

  • To provide and source Coaching Accreditation courses to ensure all representative team coaches have at least Level 1 accreditation.
  • To appoint an accredited coachfor all UBA Representative Teams.
  • To provide an accredited coachfor all local primary schooteamentering school based tournaments and championships fothe grade 5 and levels.
  • To engaged qualified coaches to undertake coaching sessions at the local primary schools.

Contact Person:

Completion Date: June 2016

4       Participation - maintain and grow player numbers, by providing a variety of appropiate playing opportunities/rosters for all the respective age groups from 6 year olds through to Senior level.

Action Steps:

  • Continue to foster a program of continuity for participation in basketball in Ulverstone - Hopper Hoopsters 5/6years to Aussie hoops to tri-ball etc....
  • To conduct at least one Aussie Hoops coaching clinic each year for children aged between 6 and 8 who have not previously played basketball.
  • Implement Primary School Rosters for grades 3-4 & 5-6 and encourage schools to assist with the promotion and conduct of these rosters.
  • To conduct at least one player development coaching clinic for each age group during the school holidays.
  • Introduce new game initiatives for players e.g. – 3 on 3 rosters – a version of modified rules – “Tri Ball” and promote “Miniball” for our junior 7 - 10 year olds outside the School based rosters.
  • Conduct a Senior Local roster and encourage all senior representative players to participate in the roster along with selected junior representative players (Super 8 system or similar)
  • Lobby Council to consider the return of the 3rd stadium to be utilised for basketball, netball, soccer etc. - benefiting the community through  improve utilisation of the facilty, and in turn improving capacity for the Association to support casual and social basketball opportunities ( ie. housewives corporate/masters/3 on 3/tournaments).

Contact Person:

Completion Date: June 2016

5       Maintaining an active, committed and experienced Board of Directors

Action Steps:  The UBA have been fortunate to have strong leadership anexpertise overecent history.  By making improvements to the existing administration system it should provide the support the Executive Board Members require to ensure that the UBA will continue to have strong leadership and guidance fothe future.

  • Develop an online storage and retrieval system for information and files that is accessible to all relevant and authorised members of the UBA and the respective Commissions.
  • Add to the Board of Management a Vice President position - with the role to include the development and ongoing coordination of a membership package. (BOM positions (President, Vice President, Senior Commission, Junior Commmission, Treasurer and Sponsorship/Marketing - supported by Adminstration officer)
  • Recruit personell with sepcific skills and experience to become involved and strengthen capacity of the respective Junior and Senior Commissions.
  • Appoint Delegates to undertake the various tasks (coaching coordinator/referee coordinator/uniforms coordintor) that are required to be undertaken for the effective management of the UBA.
  • Utilise the UBA Web page & Facebook Page so that additional benefits and effective communication of information options are available for the UBA members and sponsors.

Contact Person: Board Members

Completion Date: Ongoing

Endorsed by the Members at the Annual General meeting of the Ulverstone Basketball Association Inc.:

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