Coaching Resources

ASC - Basketball Companion

The Australian Sports Commissions Basketball Companion manual for Active After School Communities. It's a great read for coaches at local roster level.

ASC - How To Change It

The Australian Sports Commissions How To Change It guide is designed to help coaches and teachers deliver fun, safe and engaging sport related games that maximise participation and include and challenge all players, regardless of their ability level or background.

FIBA - Basketball for Young Players

FIBA's Basketball for Young Players is a guideline for coaches manual.

FIBA - Drills & Skills Manual

This manual has been produced to assist coaches in the skill development of junior basketball players. Coaches are encouraged to use these drills to prepare their practice sessions.

FIBA - How To Coach Basketball

FIBA's How to Coach Basketball is an introductory guide for beginner coaches to teach the skills and rules of basketball.

The primary aim of this manual is to introduce novice basketball coaches to the game of basketball. The manual is a basic guide for coaches to teach the skills of the game, team structure and rules. It also contains a guide for training sessions.

FIBA - How To Play Basketball

The How to Play Basketball manual by FIBA is for beginner coaches and players.

FIBA - Mini Basketball Coaching Manual

FIBA's Mini Basketball is a game for boys and girls 8 - 12 years old.

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