Office open game nights

Please note our office is staffed game evenings commencing 26th July 2021

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 5.15pm - 8pm

You are still able to obtain information through the following ways

Email: asbasketball@bigpond.com

Phone: 89528356 or 0448348250 - and leave a message which will be replied to as soon as able

Speak with a board member

Contact your club

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Basketball Australia Director of High Performance Coaching

Peter Lonergan, Director of High Performance Coaching ran 2 clinics in Darwin recently hosted by Basketball NT.

While Peter was unable to come to Alice Springs as he previously planned BNT have sent the links to his 2 sessions.

This a great resource for everyone.

Click on the links below to see

Link 1: Building your Man-to-Man Defence

Link 2 : Transition principles


ASBA Domestic Officiating

The aim of these recommendations is to provide greater certainty to players, coaches and referees as to what will and will not be call in domestic basketball across our Association.
By keeping to these guidelines and being consistent with our application of the rules of our game, we provide certainty to our players, our coaches, and our fellow referees.
- refer to attached informationmore
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