Staff at the Palau NOC

The staff at the Palau National Olympic Committee are now taking more responsibilities on specific projects under Olympic programs and continue to assist with the overall preparation for the Micronesian Games this year and the Team Palau as well.  The Palau NOC role is to facilitate sports development and programs and the NOC staff are taking more responsibilities on delivery of specific programs.    Please contact the Palau NOC Office at 488-6562/4367 if you have any questions or concerns about sports in development in Palau.



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Baklai T. Chilton

Position: Secretary General

Main Duties:

She ensures that our NOC is compliant with IOC and ONOC directives and objectives.  Her responsibilities include overseeing the day to day operations of the office run smoothly; maintains open communication with our sponsors, partners, and other stakeholders.

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Marcy Andrew

Position: Administrative Assistant

Main Duties

Managing day to day offices tasks and overall operations of the NOC and its Facilities

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Janice Merep

Position: Accounting Technician

Main Duties: Assisting the Budget Officer in keeping up to date records of all Office financial transactions.

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Stephanie Ngirchoimei

Palau Island Sports Education Program  - Sports Education Officer

Main Duties: 

Her primary duty is to coordinate the delivery of the Palau Islands Sports Education Program (PiSEP). In ensuring a coordinated approach, the parallel job purpose is to develop Palau’s sports education (training and development) system. This includes implementing the Sports Education Framework in Oceania through strategic alliances with appropriate partners and to build the capacity of national sport federations’ volunteers and professionals and organize PiSEP courses

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Radley Atley Kazuma

Baseball Development Officer

Atley is our Baseball Development Officer.

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Peoria Poich Koshiba

Athletics Development Officer

Poich is our Athletics Development Officer.  She is also a 2-time Olympian; she participated in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the 100m Dash.

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Kenny Reklai

Volleyball Development Officer

Kenny is our Volleyball Development Officer.  He is also the Elementary After-School Coordinator with our partner office, PE & School Sport, under the Ministry of Education.

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Young Volunteers Key to I.T. Success at the NOC

Jubilee (seating working on computer) with Jazz and Tony
Young students, like Chaz Sugiyama, were the key operators of the IT section of the Palau NOC for the Belau Games and South Pacific Games. Chaz was one of the young volunteers who helped with all the accreditation process of the 2007 Belau Games. At the Belau Games 2007, Chaz and cousin Antonie "Toni" Soalablai were able to handle the whole accreditation section of the national games, including registering the 2007 Team Palau to the South Pacific Games in Samoa. more -->

13th Belau Games Medals

Medal Tally

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Belau National Games

Republic of Palau

June 10-20, 2021


Micronesian Games

Republic of the Marshall Islands

Summer 2022


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Summer 2022


World Summer Olympic Games

Tokyo, Japan

July 24th - August 9th 2021






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