Equipment Req'ts

General Principles

It is the personal responsibility of each Member to ensure that they, their opponents and any fencers under their control (e.g. when refereeing) conform to these requirements and that equipment is in good condition and capable of providing adequate protection. Notwithstanding anything in these requirements, all members are encouraged to purchase equipment (masks, blades, clothing) complying with FIE requirements for use when training and competing.

FV Competition Clothing Requirements

Open and Category 1 Competitions: FIE 800Nm Fencing Jacket, 800Nm Underplastron, 800Nm Fencing Breeches; long socks (at least to the knee, and pulled up), glove (At Sabre - FIE 800N glove) ; FIE Approved mask; Plastic chest protector/breast protectors (women only). See Table below for Category 1 Competition.

All other competitions: Minimum 350N Jacket and 350N Underplastron, sturdy tracksuit pants or other long pants may be worn instead of fencing breeches.  No shorts or 3/4 length pants are allowed and NO leggings. Long socks are required and must be pulled up.  Minimum 350N mask. If a Leon Paul "velcro" type mask is used, the secondary security strap MUST be attached and used correctly. The basic premise is that there should be no bare skin apart from the non-weapon hand and sturdy protection is to be provided by clothing. See Table below for Category 2 Competition.

Please take note of the category of your event and it's uniform requirements.

Please Note - You will not be able to compete unless you meet these guidelines.

If you have any questions concerning uniform requirements please email 




Uniform Requirements





Category 1:


B-Grade Open



FIE Jacket, FIE Breeches, FIE Underplastron.

At Sabre - FIE 800N glove

FIE approved mask (NO VISOR MASKS)

At Foil - Conductive bib

Long Socks

Plastic chest protector/breast protectors (women only)




















Category 2:





Minimum 350N Jacket and 350N Underplastron.

Sturdy tracksuit pants or other long pants may be worn instead of fencing breeches.

Minimum 350N mask

Long Socks


Schools League











Club Challenge




FV Competition Equipment Requirements

It should be noted that:
  • Any Under-11 competitors will be permitted to fence with a blade which is size 0-3 only.
  • Competitors are required to have at least one spare blade and body wire next to the strip while fencing.
  • Conductive bibs (and mask wires) are required for foil fencers (see the AFF web site here), but only for Category 1 competitions.  Retrofitted bibs by mask manufacturer (only) are permitted.
  • Sabre cuffs and lames, and foil lames, should be fully conductive (i.e. no "dead spots"). 
  • Certain Leon Paul Epee blades are BANNED from use. Please click on this link for more information

Fencing Victoria Epee Mask Requirements:
Fencers are required to wear an Epee mask appropriate to their event with a non-conductive bib for all Epee competitions. Foil masks will not be allowed to be worn for Epee under the FIE Material Rules, as touches to this area may short out. (See Category 1 and 2 requirements above).
Please refer to the AFF Weapons Control Policy for more detailed information.(Click Here) 

AFF Clothing and Equipment Requirements

Please refer to (Equipment Requirements) for the latest information.

Club Requirements

Many Clubs have their own requirements for fencing training (e.g. no non-white track suit pants allowed).  Refer to your Club for more information.

Other Information

  • In addition to the protective gear noted above, some male fencers also prefer to wear protective chest plates and boxes.
  • Team Events (unless otherwise indicated) are OPEN events, and the clothing requirements for OPEN events will apply to all Team members.
  • Presentation on the strip without the correct clothing or equipment is a Group One Offence, penalised by a Yellow Card, followed by Red Card (Penalty point) for continued failure to comply.
(Adapted from Fencing Victoria Procedures Manual, passed at Council 21 Oct 2009 and as amended).

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