2022 Adults League Season 1



Wednesday: Premier and A Grade Men

 Starts 16th March 2022



Monday/Tuesday: A, B and C Grade Men


Starts 15th March 2022




Where suitable personnel are available, Harbour Basketball will pay score benches and 24 second clock operators for all grades. FIBA Live Stats for Men’s Premier Games will also be available for those who wish to learn.


Harbour Basketball does not guarantee that score benches will be provided for; only that we will pay those willing to do it (other than players of their own game).

Cost to Play: $1,600 per team plus Harbour membership and Glory League Fees. The season is 16 weeks long.


Season 2 Entries close Wednesday 10th August 2022  


Fees must be paid by 17th August 2022


Harbour Membership fee  $25 per player per year 


Glory League fee  $8 per player for all 16 games


Season is due to conclude in February 2023



Payment Method: Direct Credit ASB Bank 12-3053-0401960-00 (Reference your teams name and invoice number). No cheques or cash please.


For more information please give us a call on 02108397318


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2022 Premier Men's League Season 1
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2022 Premier Men's League Season 1