Coach of the Year

Year Mens Womens
2021 Rochelle Adams Marianne Coulton
2020 Bruce Bayly Peter Reilly
2019 Andy Cowie Harriet Hardy
2018 Julia Lee Maurice Gilmour
2017 Seb Cowie David Cooper
2016 Todd Fisher Shay Haira
2015 Andy Cowie John Carr
2014 Ian Mischefski Kate O'Donnell
2013 Morehu Dellow Turake Manuiriangi
2012 Brendon Baxter Willie Banks
2011 Ian Mischefski Maurice Gilmour
2010 David Bublitz Eileen Hall
2009 Link Abrams Trent Adam
2008 David Bublitz Maurice Gilmour
2007 David Bublitz Bruce Bayly
2006 Jeff Cleaver Henry Slaats
2005 Scott Siffleet John Dallinger
2004 Jeff Cleaver Henry Slaats
2003 Sue Jans Jill Brown
2002 Jeremy Coley Lara Erueti
2001 Colin Driscoll Jeff Cleaver
2000 A Porter Matt Cursons
1999 Maurice Paurini Maurice Gilmour

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