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L01: Ladies' Premier League FixturesResultsTable
L02: Ladies' Senior 1FixturesResultsTable
L03: Ladies' Senior 2FixturesResultsTable
L04: Ladies' Senior 3FixturesResultsTable
L05: Ladies' Junior 1FixturesResultsTable
L06: Ladies' Junior 2FixturesResultsTable
L07: Ladies' Junior 3FixturesResultsTable
L08: Ladies' Junior 4FixturesResultsTable
L09: Ladies' Junior 5FixturesResultsTable
L10: Ladies' Junior 6FixturesResultsTable
L11: Ladies' Junior 7FixturesResultsTable
L12: Ladies' Junior 8FixturesResultsTable
L13: Ladies' Junior 9FixturesResultsTable
L14: Ladies' Junior 10FixturesResultsTable
M1: Mens Premier League FixturesResultsTable
M2: Men's Intermediate LeagueFixturesResultsTable
M3: Men's Junior League 1FixturesResultsTable
M4: Men's Junior League 2FixturesResultsTable
M5: Men's Junior League 3FixturesResultsTable
M6: Men's Junior League 4FixturesResultsTable
M7: Men's Junior League 5FixturesResultsTable