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Coaching in NSW

Interview with Darrin Crisp


Coaching Junior Softball

Interview with Sue Brandenburg


Playing to Coaching

Interview with Callum Beashel, Nicole Morley, Brad Kilpatrick, Bree Brooker, Matt Beach and Sarah Diener


Regional Coaching

Interview with Kaylene Shailes and Janine Piercy

Parent to Coach

Interview with Grant Kelly and Barry Rumsey


Coaching Catchers

Interview with Charlie Whetu and Neridah Wearne

Up Coming Events

Association Coaching
Coordinators Zoom Meeting

Friday 3rd September 21 


Coaching with maximum impact!
Coaching workshop

Delivered by Softball NSW Coaches Acadmey

Friday 17th September 21 


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SNSW Coaches Congress

Delivered by Softball NSW Coaches Acadmey

Sunday 14th November 

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