Throwing Workshop

Register now for a very exciting workshop that all coaches of all levels, will get a deeper insight into a topic that all our players are striving to master!more

EOI - Softball NSW Coaches Executive Committee

EOI - Softball NSW are seeking Expressions of Interest for The Softball NSW Coaches Executive Committee (1 year term);more

Regional Coaching Coordinator

Softball NSW Coaches is proud to announce Stephen Besgrove is the first Regional Coaching Coordinator. Stephen will be looking after the western region including Orange, Dubbo, Forbes, Mudgee and Wagga Wagga.more

Adam Rindfleish appointed to head coach Australian National Team

Rindfleish will lead the Junior Steelers at the 2020 and 2022 WBSC Junior Men’s World Cups, the first of which will be held in New Zealand from 22 February – 1 Marchmore

Sportsmanship by Charlie Whetu

The true meaning of sportsmanship. is defined as ethical, appropriate, polite and fair behaviour while participating in a game or athletic event.more

Goal Setting by Troy Lach

Goal setting is a simple tool you can use to maintain a high level of motivation in your sport. Athletes respond to goals in a very deep and personal way. The experience of setting, working towards and achieving a
goal causes us to continue to strive higher and harder to reach the point we set for ourselves.more

Packing an awesome lunch by Lyneene Orsini

As parents, we are given the task to ensure that our little athletes have enough energy to sustain a full day of training or competition with very little training or guidance. However, nutrition is pivotal to performance and also recovery. So how do you access the correct information to make sure that you get a gold star for your child lunchbox?more

Darrin Crisp joins the Softball NSW Coaches Executive Committee

Darrin Crisp joins the softball NSW Coaches Executive Committee.more

Kerrie Porter Interview - Adam Rindfleish

Kerrie Porter interview by Softball NSW Director of Coaching Adam Rindfleish on behalf of Softball NSW Coaches. Find out Kerrie's thoughts on our game, where it is headed and some tips to make you a better coach!more

Planning a training session - Beginner coaches - Lyneene Orsini

You signed your child up to play T-ball/Softball and then all of a sudden you found yourself putting your hand up to help coach... Here is a helpful guide to ensure that your training sessions are fun, engaging and promote skill development.more

Strength and Conditioning - Troy Lach

Athlete strength and conditioning is the process of analysis, testing and programming to elicit physical improvements in the athlete to allow for better sports performance. The following information has been based on exerts provided by the Australian Institute of Sport and the Australian Fitnessmore

How to communicate with players - Charlie Whetu

Article by Charlie Whetu
Effective Verbal and Non-Verbal communication in any sport is crucial to providing a healthy, encouraging, long term relationship between the player and coach. It also ensures the possibility of keeping the player in our sport if they feel they are improving, learning, enjoying, and contributing to the team overall achievements and goals.more

Video Analysis at BISP - John Crampton

Article by John Crampton
High Performance Director

We now have 2 bullpens on the first base line at Blacktown equipped with high speed, high-resolution cameras. This bullpen is the centre piece of the new Learning Centre being developed by Softball NSW at Blacktown. The cameras are capable of recording at incredible frame rates, and doing so in incredible clarity.more

Coaching Resources: The Playmaker’s Advantage

Discover how to improve your mental game—the next frontier in sports training—no matter your age or experience and become the Playmaker or the decisive general on the court or field.more

Laing Harrow Interview

Softball NSW Coaching Director Adam Rindfleish interviews the head coach of the Australian Women's and Men's team Laing Harrow. See what the future of our sport looks like from the perspective of the man leading the charge. Also included are some tips from Laing on better training sessions for you as coaches!more

Getting the best out of your players! - Kerrie Porter

Kerri Porter is the current NSW Open Women's Head Coach and Australian Junior Women's Head Coach. Here is her insight on how to get the best out of your players!more

Catching Fundamentals - Charlie Whetu


Being a softball parent, how to support your child! - Lyneene Orsini

As a softball mum, I feel when my children step out onto the diamond that I have worked just as hard as them driving them to training, packing snacks and dragging around the now infamous softball buggy from Costco. What I need to remember that my role as a mum stops the minute they step out onto the diamond.more

Dynamic Warm Up - Jason Voncina

To prepare for a game or training, traditionally coaches have warmed up their teams by using a lap around the outfield & static stretches, along with fielding, throwing, and hitting practice.more


Up Coming Events at BISP

Upcoming Events

Softball NSW and BISP are set to showcase some of the best softball and its players this coming January and February.

Coaches don’t miss out on a prime opportunity to come out to our home of softball and see not only the best players our state and our country have to offer but also players from across the world. It is also an excellent opportunity to observe and pick up some thoughtsmore

Pitching Fundamentals

Pitching Fundamentals by Charlie Whetumore

Neuro-Psychology: The future of Sport Psychology?

Neuro-Psychology: The future of Sport Psychology?

John Crampton, SNSW HP Directormore

Hydration - Why it is important!

There are various opinions on how much an individual's daily water intake should be, the most common being about two litres a day. However, many internal and external factors ultimately affect how much water one needs.more
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