Uniform & Equipment

To umpire well is to umpire with pride and respect. It isn’t just about your performance on the diamond that counts; how you present yourself in your uniform goes a long way in gaining the respect of the teams, as well as your fellow crew members. 

The Umpire’s Uniform

  • Navy Blue Cap
  • Light Blue Shirt - Softball Australia logo once accredited
  • White or Navy Blue Under Shirt - crew to wear same colour
  • Black or Navy Blue Belt
  • Navy Blue Trousers
  • Black or Navy Blue Socks
  • Black Shoes - Polished
  • Navy Blue Jacket - Softball Australia logo once accredited
  • Navy Blue Ballbag – Plate umpire only


In addition to the uniform, umpires are also required to have the following equipment:

  • Mask - black mask with throat protector
  • Chest protector - black or navy chest protector, to be worn under umpire shirt
  • Leg guards - black or navy blue leg guards to be worn under trousers
  • Athletic Protector - for male & female umpires
  • Indicator (counter) - used in left hand
  • Plate Brush - Carry in pocket, brush pouch or ball bag; to clean home plate, pitchers plate and bases
  • Line-up card holder - used by plate umpire; keeps line-up cards dry and allows hard surface for writing
  • Pen/pencil - plate umpire to make changes on line-up card (carried in ball bag).
  • Sunglasses - conservative, non-reflective

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