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The Game

The sport of Softball is not only restricted to club competition on a weekly basis in the summer months, there are also 1200 Primary School and more than 500 Secondary School students who participate in Terms One and Two.


The larger the Toowoomba Softball Association Inc. grows the wider the community will benefit. Currently clubs have players traveling from Dalby, Stanthorpe, Millmerran, Laidley, Crow’s Nest, Highfields, Gatton, Brisbane and Chinchilla to participate while the Association is sending its volunteers into schools, not only in the city of Toowoomba, but to outlying towns to promote the sport and to teach the skills across the Darling Downs.


JUNIOR SOFTBALL is fun & friendly with maximize enjoyment and skill development with the age groups of Under 6, Under 9 Tee Ball, Under 11 Mod Ball and Under 13.  Other junior grades include Under 15 Girls and Boys as well as Under 17 Girls and Boys. As one of the cheapest junior sports in the Toowoomba district, Softball is a great way for young players (male and female) to have fun, meet new friends, being part of a team, achieving fabulous experiences and reaching individual goals.

Playing Grades

The Toowoomba Softball Association Inc. accommodates games for boys and girls, men and women. The 2013/14 competition saw Toowoomba boast more than 60 teams in grades from Under 6 through to A Grade in both male and female play.  It is a family sport, which is played internationally at all age levels from as young as four years of age to 60 years young.


The Association is well known for encouraging people of all age to join in and have some fun. All registered “junior” players at the end of the season celebrate with a break up and are presented with a trophy of participation.

Non Playing Roles

Toowoomba Softball also accommodates for the non-playing members. The Association holds many Coaching, Umpiring and Scoring accreditation courses throughout the season and is always looking for new members to help in the above areas.

Toowoomba Season (Summer) “No traveling involved”

The season playing dates for the adverse Toowoomba climate is between October and March. One of the best aspects of playing Softball is that all games are played at the ONE COMPLEX – there is no traveling involved. All junior games are played on Saturday mornings from 9am to 1pm. Each grade has their set times so the convenience of knowing you play at the same time each week helps with family planning.  The A Grade games rotate between Friday and Saturday nights with other senior games also being set at specific times.


The Association is always keen to increase their membership base and we encourage players of all ages to come and have a go.  Club sign on days are normally held in August. For more information about playing this great sport please contact the Association on the below numbers.

Toowoomba Softball Association are also proud members and local Community ambassadors of the Queensland Governments True Sports Lives Here Program and are also members of the Good Sports Program run by the Australian Drug Foundation.  Both of which promote and encourage positive behavior in the junior sporting environments.  Children, parents, spectators, officials, coaches and volunteers can all make a positive difference, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of sport in their community.

Toowoomba Softball also accept and encourage junior members to take up the opportunity to use the Sport & Rec Qld “Get Started” vouchers to those that are eligible.

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Notice Board


The TSA is pleased to announce that we are intending to start the 21/22 softball season on the 9th October 2021.

This is isn't far off and plenty of work is being done behind the scenes to get TSA ready for another massive season.

Keep an eye out for more information from TSA and clubs........

IMPORTANT:  Please also note, there will be a new on-line registration system in place this year which will also see a new website for TSA and affiliated Clubs.  Registering on line this year will also see the introducation of paying on line as well.

Stay tuned for when this will all go live and you will be able to start registering for the 21/22 season.






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