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The Aussie Spirit Open Women's team has medalled in all 4 Olympic Games Softball competitions, with bronze medals in Atlanta, Sydney and Beijing and silver in Athens. They have performed strongly at the ISF Women's World Championships since their inception in 1965, when they won a gold medal. The team is currently ranked third in the world, after competing in the 2012 ISF Open Women's World Championships.  

The gold medal winning performance of the Aussie Steelers Open Men's team at the 2009 ISF Men’s World Championship was the culmination of many years of planning. The team built on the success of the Aussie Colts U19 Men's team, which won four consecutive ISF Junior Men's World Championships. Currently, both the Aussie Steelers and the Aussie Colts are ranked third in the world after the 2013 ISF Men's World Championships and the 2012 Junior Men's World Championships respectively.

The Aussie Pride U19 Women's team has competed at every ISF Junior Women's World Championship since its inception in 1981 and has medalled on four occasions. Their number three ranking in the world reflects the depth of women's Softball in Australia.

The success of our national teams is a testament to the quality of our coaching and development programs, as well as a rigorous domestic and international competition schedule, which provides our players with many opportunities to compete at the highest level.

More information about Softball's champion national teams can be found in media articles, team picture galleries, individual player profiles and player and team statistics. Further historical information relating to the national teams can be located in team archives.

Softball's sponsors play an integral role in providing support for our national teams as they prepare to compete on the world stage.

Updated 13 June 2013




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