Benefits of Softball

As a team sport for female and males of all ages and abilities softball offers participants many benefits:

  • Shared enjoyment with friends and family 
  • Improved health and fitness
  • Increased physical activity and mental alertness
  • Sense of belonging to a community with shared interests
  • Improved life skills, including quick thinking, loyalty, sense of responsibility, heightened concentration, judgment, discipline and teamwork
  • Opportunities to compete and represent their community, state or Australia
  • Development of new skills, whether playing, coaching, scoring and/or umpiring
  • Ability to accommodate female and male participants of all ages and skills levels
  • Affordability – players starting out do not have to make a big financial commitment
  • Fun!



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 Coaching Accreditation Course:

Level 1 & 2 - date TBA


Scoring Accreditation Course:

Level 1 & 2 -    date TBA


Umpiring Accreditation Course/training sessions 

Level 1 - date TBA




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