Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins are whole-of-sport documents that contain information relating to Rules and Interpretations of the current playing rules as written which is a valuable information source for umpires, coaches and players. Any changes from ISF Rules Commission Congress are reviewed and Technical Bulletins are created for umpires, coaches, administrators and players to remain current with International Rules interpretations.

Date released

Bulletin id



June 2014


2014-2017 Rule Changes


November 2011


Use of Foreign Substance on the ball and the pitcher's hands


November 2011


SAL Australian Championship ISF Bat Certification Verification Procedure


November 2011


Batter’s Box tags/markers


August 2011

SAL_TB_2011-5 v1-1

Rules Exam Process and flexibility


July 2011


Batter Up Program, Approved Bat


May 2011

SAL_TB_2011-1 (reissue for 2010 Rule Book)

Points of Emphasis Pitching


April 2011


Phase-in ISF Pitching POE


March 2011


ISF Points of Emphasis - Pitching


October 2010

SAL_TB_2008_1 v3.1 (re-issued)

Approved and Non Approved Bats, New Batted Ball Speed (BBS) Test Certification


March 2010


Strike Zone


March 2010

SAL_TB_2009_2 v2 (updated 4/Mar/2010)

2010 Rule Changes


September 2009


Clarification and interpretation of interference by a Batter Runner or Runner


April 2009

Procedural Memo

National and Basic Rules Process


October 2008

Procedural Memo

Batted Ball Speed - Powerpoint


June 2008

SAL_TB_2008_1 Version 3.0

Approved - Non-Approved Bats - New Batted Ball Speed


June 2008

Policy Memo

Bat Certification Policy Memo


November 2005


2006 Playing Rule Changes


November 2004


Variations to Headwear


November 2003


Length of Games


August 2002


Slap Hit


August 2002




August 2002


Designated Player


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