Playing Policies

All players should familiarise themselves with the policies that govern the conduct of the sport and impact them as players.

  • The Member Protection Policy has been developed in conjunction with the ASC as a resource for the protection of all members. It covers issues such as anti-discrimination and harassment, child protection, pregnancy, complaints handling and disciplinary measures.
  • Softball is generally played as a summer sport and it is inevitable that at times games might be played during extreme heat conditions. To assist Clubs, Associations, coaches and officials with their duty of care obligations to players, Softball Australia has developed Hot Weather Guidelines which sets out guidelines minimising foreseeable risks such as dehydration, heat stroke and heat exhaustion.
  • Softball Australia's Pregnancy Guidelines has been prepared to assist in managing issues involving pregnancy amongst Softball players and officials. These Guidelines are based on the ASC's Guidelineswhich supports the position that the person in question should be given the opportunity to decide for herself, in consultation with her medical advisers, whether or not to participate whilst pregnant.

Updated 10 December 2014

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