I believe in Softball

I Believe In Softball

By: Jim Ramsey

I believe in competition and comraderie.

I believe in brackets, bubble gum, and bang-bang plays.

I believe that attendance and preparation win games.

I believe there is more to being a good batter than just being a good hitter.

I believe in being relaxed on defense until the batter lifts his front foot.

I believe it`s ok to use defensive shifts to play the odds, and head games.

I believe in taking my turn to coach the base across the field from our dugout.

I believe in checking on the condition of injured opponents.

I believe players should applaud opponents after they make great defensive plays.

I believe players get better with age.

I believe 40-pound curls and better than 12-ounce ones.

I believe taking winter BP with a cheap bat helps to hit summer homers with an expensive bat.

I believe in running out routine grounders and lazy fly balls, no matter how frustrated I am.

I believe it is better to be a smart base runner than a fast one.

I believe in scoring from 3rd base on a double-play grounder, or from 2nd on a very deep fly.

I believe in the nervous anticipation of a play at the plate.

I believe in the quiet buzz in a dugout when the defense is underestimating a batter`s power.

I believe in the magical moment of recognition after contact on a "no-doubter" home run.

I believe in catchers who talk junk and pitchers who throw it.

I believe in infielders who think getting dirty is part of the job description.

I believe in fast outfielders who do not hug the lines or play too deep.

I believe rattling bats can wake them up, and uncrossing them can avoid bad luck.

I believe in wiping the morning dew off a ball, and squinting into a sunset.

I believe I`ll see a 3-6-1 double play again someday.

I believe in saving an equipment catalog until the next issue replaces it.

I believe photos, autographed balls, and scorebook pages can be better than trophies and t-shirts.

I believe there is no off-season…just a longer wait until the next game.

I believe in the butterflies of opening day and the long drive home after the final game.

I believe in a small child in an oversized jersey retrieving Daddy`s` bat.

I believe in showing appreciation to your family and friends who came to watch you play.

I believe in thanking the umpires when the game is over, regardless of the score.

I believe the final score is part of the overall experience.

I believe in enjoying games in the twilight, and respecting careers in theirs.

I believe in softball.

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