Lighting Control System


Previously Captain Cook fields were controlled by 4 switches which turned on different sections of the flood lights at the fields.

There are several reason for this move which will hopefully help all the sports using Captain Cook fields.  The new system will do away with keys required to turn lights on and off. The new system will use SMS text message from your mobile phone to turn the lights on and off on completion. The system will use a 4 digit unique number which will be required to access the system. Once a user SMS messages the system with an approved 4 digit code the system will log the user and the mobile phone number from which the SMS was sent. The system will then send a report on a pre determined period which will assist with identifying how much each sport will be billed.   

Advantages of the new system.

  1. Lights can be turned on with 1 SMS and turned off with a second SMS. Will not be required to go to each lighting switch and unlock and turn on or off.
  2. System can be turned on and off without being at the fields.
  3. At the time the lights are turned off there will be a 15 minute delay before the lights will turn off. This will allow people to get to their cars and leave whilst the lights are active.
  4. The lighting system also has a timer system which will only allow lights to be active within the determined operating hours.
  5. The lights will be required to be activated each day. The current system if the lights are left on will come on each night until someone turns them off. There are many nights that the lights are on wasting money.
  6. Better control and understanding of electricity usage and how much each sport will pay.


Each Club will be allocated a Club PIN that will be required to turn ON and OFF the lighting for their allocated training diamonds, day and time.

This PIN will be combined with a code that will need to be sent (SMS’ed) to a specific phone number to manage the lighting for that training session.

Details of each clubs PIN and Code will be sent in a spate communication.

Each Coach will need to SMS the appropriate code to 0419 368 288 for example, if your PIN is 1234 and you wish to turn on lights controlled by code ‘9’ and your PIN allowed it, you would SMS 123418# to turnON the lights and 123408# to turn OFF the lights


  • The lights will come on only on the days assigned for the diamond allocated
  • The lights will remain on for a further 15 minutes after you given the OFF code to allow for you to pack up and get to your cars etc.
  • To reduce costs please send your OFF code when finished training.

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