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The Softball Australia 2010-2013 Rules in Pictures is designed for the Softball player, coach, umpire, parent and teacher of any age and is a helpful refresher course for the veteran in settling questions on the field, as it is in teaching the rules off the field.

Illustrations with captions and an index guiding the reader to the Official Rules in Softball, provide a quick introduction to learning the rules of Softball. To the player, a thorough knowledge of the rules is an asset. To the coach and the umpire, a thorough knowledge is a necessity. New Umpires will find Softball Rules in Pictures to be an easy method of rule study.


Softball Australia Rules in Pictures is available from Softball Australia at a cost of $4 (incl GST) plus $1.50 postage. Softball Australia is located at Level 1, Suite 2, 273 Wellington Street, Collingwood or you can call (03) 9417 0022 or to obtain a copy.


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