Umpiring Duties




The Sutherland Shire Umpires Association is responsible for all facets of umpiring within the S.S.S.A. This includes the organisation and administration of umpiring for the Saturday and Sunday games, conducting seminars and examinations, recommending rule and interpretation changes on advise from NSW Softball Umpires Association, and providing umpires for representative carnivals,

GRADES OF UMPIRE: There is a three-tiered system of grading umpires within Sutherland. To obtain these grades it is necessary to pass umpires examinations and to pass a practical assessment. The three grades are, in descending order; Bronze, and Silver and Gold.

UMPIRES EXPENSES: Umpires who have one of the above qualifications, with a current theory pass, and are currently members of the S.S.S.U.A. are paid expenses for umpiring. These rates are reviewed annually.

AUSTRALIAN LEVELLED UMPIRES: Sutherland Shire Softball Association has Representative Teams at all age levels. It is required that Australian Levelled Umpires represent Sutherland at these Tournaments for these teams to play. It is important that Sutherland expands its team of `Blues` Any people interested should contact the Umpires Association. Any members of Clubs that wish to improve their Umpiring skills or learn basics to assist in their duties are encouraged to attend the mini `clinics to be held at the grounds on Saturdays and to attend the basic Umpires exams that are held. Accreditation to support teams within your Club is given to all who pass at this level. Attendance at the lectures held by the S.S.S.U.A. is always popular and is aimed at the new umpires as well as those who `update`.


*UMPIRING ALLOCATIONS: For the current season for both base and plate umpiring duties have been selected on an individual team basis relevant to the number of duties per team within their respective grade. As Tee ball teams do not supply umpires early in the season , senior grades are called on to compensate for the shortfall in the morning timeslots.

*BASE UMPIRES: Are to sign the Umpires Book in the Umpires Room before the game. Each team is to supply two base umpires, each time the team is allocated base umpiring duties.

*PLATE UMPIRES: Are to sign the Umpires Book in the Umpires Room before the game. It is up to the individual Clubs to supply a suitable umpire for the allocations in the Fixtures Book. As a "rule of thumb", umpires supplied should be capable of umpiring the next grade higher than the grade allocated.

*SIGNING ON: All umpires must sign the Umpires Book in the Umpires Room before the game. REMEMBER that this is the only record of the duty being done that is recognisable by the Umpires Association, and that allocated umpires are available at the time of the match.

*MATCH CARDS: Plate umpires are to sign the Match Card to verify the result of the game. The card is then to be handed to the winning team for placement in the result box.

*THEORY QUALIFIED UMPIRES: It is a requirement of the Association that each Club have registered a number of theory qualified umpires equal to the number of teams they have entered in the Competition. Umpires examinations are held during the Season for those Clubs that do not have the required number of theory qualified umpires before the commencement of the Finals Series.

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