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Most scorers start of their scoring careers, as fans of softball looking to get involved at the local level. Other start of as a necessity, being a spectator at their child’s game, and have the score book thrusted upon to keep score.

In a lot of instances, there is not a lot of guidance provided to our new scorers.

SDSA’s Development committee led by the Scorer’s co-ordinator and other high level accredited scorers, are here to assist all scorers, new scorers taking on the responsibility for the first time, or experienced scorers looking to move through the pathway journey.

Under the scoring resources, you will find a range of tools and links to assist scorers at all levels. Scoring can be enjoyable when you know what you are doing, so our aim is to provide you with the resources available to enable scorers to achieve success.

Whether you are looking to just be a Saturday scorer of your child’s team we are looking to provide information to assist you.

Please provide feedback via email if there is something that you are looking for but not able to locate.

As at 16 October 2021 – this page is currently under development, so please keep checking back as more information is loaded.

National Scoring Pathway

The National Scorers Committee has developed a Scoring Pathway. Whether you are new to the scoring or have been steadily moving between the scoring accreditations, you will find a place where you fit in on this pathway.

For more information relating to each of the accreditations, click on the National Scoring Pathway diagram below to view additional information about the different accrediations. 





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