SDSA Life Members

SDSA Life Members

Elaine Lewis: Founding member of the Association. Our 1st Life Member who now resides in Queensland.

Helen Lansdowne: Life Members associatd with the early formulative years of the association.

Shirley Fogarty (deceased): A Long lost member. Shirley was the driving force to get T-Ball started at Southern Districts.

Bob Munro: Life member from the early years. We believe that Bob still lives in the Warwick Farm area.

Allan (Bill) Wade (deceased): A past president of SDSA. A founding and Life Member of SDSUA and President of SDSUA for many years.

Max Stephens: President of SDSA for many years. Formed and was the driving force behind the Warriors Softball Club until he retired from softball. Max now lives in the Port Stephens area.

Nancy Knott: Founding member of both SDSA and LRSL. Coach of womens SDSA "A" grade for many years. Winning coach when SDSA last won the Womens Open State Championships.

Merle Giffin (deceased): Founder of Miller Softball Club. Long time member of SDSA disciplinary committee. Retired from softball in 2001.

Ron Pinn: Past president of SDSA and Rep Coach. Living in Queensland.

Phil Aldred (deceased): Past president of SDSA. President of LRSL for many years. Life and founding member of SDSUA. Past board member for many years in various portfolios.

Frank Swain (Deceased): Long time member and worker for SDSA.

Lorraine Worrad: Past executive member. Registrar for many years.

Frank Worrad: Past executive member.

Roberta Lalor-Prior: Past president, registrar and long time secretary of SDSA. Life and founding member of SDSUA. 

Mavis Aldred (Deceased): Past president of SDSA, past secretary and registrar. 

Jeff Roser: Past president of SDSA. 

Bruce McCahon: Past SDSA president, past treasurer of SDSA and president of SDSUA for many years. Current level 6 umpire.

Arthur Comer: Past secretary for many years.

George Redman (deceased): Past Board member for many years as Grounds Development Officer.

Adam Sheehan: Past board member, Current NSW State Head Coach.

Sue McCahon: Past board member as Registrar for many years.

Jodie Sheehan: Past board member as Secretary for many years

Pat Paul: Current Rep Committee member and member of SDSA for 50 years.

Tony Jackson: Current board member and current Grounds Officer.

Mick Bruni: Long standing member and current member on various SDSA Committees

Michael Dinapoli: Former President and board member and long standing member of SDSA

Maria Wakefield: Current board member and Registrar and long standing member of SDSA and Mounites


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