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Coaches play a vital role in developing people through sport. They play an important part in providing people with the skills and knowledge needed to develop, improve and succeed in sport. Coaches have a major influence over participants' enjoyment of sport.

It is essential that coaches provide people of all ages with the best possible sporting experience, which will ensure their continued participation and development in sport.

More than 2,700 Softball coaches are registered with Softball Australia and their backgrounds and motivations for coaching Softball vary widely. The one thing they all share is a genuine passion for and commitment to the game. 

There is a high demand for more coaches in every sport from grassroots level through to the elite. All you need to do to become a coach at grassroots level is share an interest in sport and a willingness to be involved.

Embarking on some education and training through the accreditation system as a coach is an important first step to ensuring that you are on the right path to becoming a quality coach.

Softball Australia has developed a long term coaching pathway in accordance with its player pathway, where coaches can sequentially build their skills from grassroots to elite level via an accredited education program.

It is imperative that we recognise the work of grassroots community coaches as well in the initial development of the national players as many of them played a role in the team's success by assisting these athletes to reach their potential.

Softball Australia has developed an extensive range of educational coaching resources, for beginner, intermediate and advanced coaches. Further assistance and support can be provided through a range of coaches or coaching advisory bodies listed in the coaching directory.




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NSW U14s State Championships 
11-12 December 2021
  Georges River Softball Association (GRSA)

NSW U16s State Championships 
  4-5 December 2021
Southern Districts Softball Association (SDSA)

NSW Open Mens State Championships 
 17-19 December 2021
Blacktown Internal Sportspark (BISP)

NSW Open Womens State Championships 
17-19 December 2021
Blacktown Internal Sportspark (BISP)

NSW U12s State Championships
18-19 December 2021 

NSW U23s State Championships 
14-16 January 2022
Blacktown Internal Sportspark (BISP)

NSW O35s State Championships
21-23 January 2022
Blacktown Internal Sportspark (BISP)



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