Winter 2020 Season

The Winter 2020 Season is up and running - it is great to see you all back on the diamonds!


In response to the rising COVID-19 case numbers in NSW and the ongoing risk of transmission in the community, we have received an urgent notification from Softball NSW to include additional measures in our COVID-19 Safety Plans.


  • Spectators are limited to one attendee per player or official participating. Spectators are only allowed IF they are a parent/carer or direct family member of the game participant/official.
  • We also strongly advise that spectators NOT attend where at all possible.

Fielding a Team:

  • Where teams have less than 9 players, play-ups, play downs or play acrosses are no longer allowed.
  • Note – Teams are allowed to play with less than 9 players without forfeit for this season.
  • Teams can choose to either play with a reduced number of players OR forfeit the game.
  • Automatic outs for A grade and Division 1, as required under rule 8.5.2, are now suspended. Hence there will be no automatic outs for any team playing with less than 9 players. 

Attendance at NSDSA Events:

Players, spectators and officials can NOT attend any NSDSA Events, training or the competition if you have:

These measures are a change to our previous NSDSA safety guidelines and are effective immediately and are in place for the foreseeable future.

We all have a part to play in protecting ourselves and those we interact with. Thank you for your support in helping to keep our NSDSA competition and the community COVID safe.

Start of the Season:

Great news....On 10 June, the NSW government announced the Return to Play for all sports from Wednesday 1 July. With this in mind, our winter start date for our Junior AND Senior competition has now been set for Saturday 4 July. 

While this start date is a little later than we had hoped for, it is good to now have certainty for the winter softball competition. 

Please note:

  • The safety and health of our members remains our top priority. With this in mind, additional restrictions on training and the competition are required. Please read the Return to Play and the Return to Training Guidelines below. 
  • Please register with your club ASAP if you intend to play this season. 
  • Note: Players interested in participating in representative and development pathways in 2020 or 2021 MUST register with a club to be eligible to participate and represent North Shore. 
  • Softball NSW has advised that any North Shore player or official who registers for winter competition, and does not withdraw, will keep their first registered status with North Shore.   

Return to Play Guidelines:

With the safety and health of our members remaining our top priority, there are additional safety guidelines that we all need to be aware of and adhere to throughout this season. Please see the key guidelines below. 

SNSW has issued Return to Play guidelines to follow this season. At a summary level, the guidelines include:

  • Being prepared to train and play
  • Being mindful to social distance
  • Conducting hand and equipment sanitisation
  • Staying away if you are feeling unwell
  • Recording attendance at training and games

Furthermore, every individual (whether they be a player or official) must read and adhere to the Individual Responsibilities Checklist provided by SNSW.  

For further reading, please see the Full Version of SNSW Return to Play Guidelines and other relates resources in the SNSW Covid Resource Library

NSDSA Additional Game Day Requirements

In addition to the SNSW information above, NSDSA is putting the following requirements in place for game days:

  • Safety Coordinators will be canvassing the grounds on the day to ensure safety guidelines are adhered to, including spectator social distancing. Please listen and respect them as they are acting in the best interest of our members and spectators’ safety.
  • All umpires including Blues, Junior Blues and Club umpires have authority to uphold and give directions to team members about the additional safety requirements.
  • Team coaches and managers have the responsibility to remind players to follow the guidelines.  
  • To minimise contact with others, members and spectators will not be able to congregate pre and post games.
  • Players should arrive dressed to play AND not more than 15 minutes prior to a game commencing. Players must go immediately to their allocated game diamond for warm-up. Players are not permitted to arrive earlier or warm up at any other areas of the grounds.
  • There will be no benches at the dugouts this season. Please bring your own chair if required.
  • Players must socially distance when in the dugout areas, maintaining 1.5m distance to other players.
  • No shared team food allowed, including fruit and lollies.
  • SNSW requires the match balls to be sanitised at the commencement of the game as well as at the end of each innings and also when the ball is returned from out of bounds.
  • Where possible, please use your own equipment. Any shared equipment must be sanitised at appropriate intervals.
  • Players, team officials and spectators should leave the grounds immediately (within 5 minutes) once the game has ended.
  • No social activity is to occur once play has concluded.
  • There will be no duty desk, day book or paper based match sheets at the canteen area this season. Any injuries or game incidents that need to be reported will be done using the team scorer match sheets.
  • The game match sheets are the official record of attendance for Covid safety purposes and must be complete. The names of all team officials, umpires, scorers and players in attendance must be given to and recorded by the scorers of both teams. Provision of this information to scorers will occur before the game begins to allow both teams to disperse quickly at the end of the game.

Return to Training Guidelines:

Club training has commenced. Return to training guidelines revolve around the principle of Arrive, Train and Leave and have been updated effective 13 June:

  • Limit training to no more than 20 participants and/or other personnel in total
  • Reduce the risk of virus transmission to as low as practicable
  • Ensure social distancing beterrn players 
  • Stay at home if unwell
  • Ensure all training is non-contact and involves no interaction between training groups
  • Come prepared to train and arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before 
  • Bring your own drink bottle and do not share
  • Facilitate hand hygiene
  • Do not share equipment 
  • Record attendance for tracking and tracing 
  • Leave the venue immediately once training is complete

Please see the attached Softball NSW guidelines for more information:

One-Page SNSW Return to Training Guidlines

Detailed SNSW Return to Training Guidlines



When will we know more about the season start date and duration?

We are commencing our 2020 seaon on 4 July for our Junior AND Senior competition.

Do I need to register now or can I wait?

Yes, please register your interest in playing softball with North Shore in 2020. Furthermore, if you do not register, you are not eligible to participate in a rep or development team for North Shore in 2020/2021.

Will there be a reduction to fees for a shorter season?

A reduction in fees has been allocated due to the shorter season for 2020.

What does this mean for my Active Kids voucher?

Active Kids Vouchers are still eligible for the Winter Softball Season.

What strategies are you putting in place to keep members safe?

The safety of our members is our top priority. We have Covid-19 Safety Plans in place and we will be following the guidelines imposed by Softball NSW throughout the season to ensure maximum safety is adhered to. Please see Return to Play and Return to Training, plus NSDSA requirements above. 

Representative & Development Team members

What does it mean for our representative and development teams?

If you are seeking a representative or development pathway for 2020/2021, it is imperative that you register with your Club now for the winter season. This ensures you are eligible to participate at a rep or development level for North Shore in 2020/2021.

What’s happening with the NSW 2020 State Championships?

The restructuring of the representative season has been drafted by SNSW. The timelines drafted allow for Associations to offer proper selection/training opportunities and limit impact on their regular Saturday season.

These events are draft at present and Softball NSW reserves the right to advise of changes pending further government health and safety advice or sanctions.

Event Previous Date Rescheduled Date Host/Venue
Under 10 State Championships March 28th-29th December 5th-6th Cumberland Nepean
Under 16 State Championships May 2nd-3rd October 10th-11th Georges River
35’s State Championships June 6th-8th Cancelled BISP
Under 18 Women’s State Championships* June 13th-14th Sept 25th-27th BISP
Under 14 State Championships Sept 19th-20th Sept 19th-20th Southern Districts
Blue Blaze Girls Sept 29th– Oct 1st Sept 29th– Oct 1st BISP
Open Women’s State Championships* Oct 3rd-5th Oct 2nd-5th  BISP
Under 12 State Championships November 7th-8th November 7th-8th Penrith
* Events highlighted may commence on the Friday evening pending event nominations at BISP



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