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PO Box 6411, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 Australia

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Abbott Rd, North Curl Curl

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Wet Weather Service - Don't waste time on the phone or sit there wondering what the latest update is. Find out instantly and easily - direct on your mobile . Simply text MWSA to 0428 985 410 for the cost of a text message.


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Wet Weather

The golden rule is the games are on unless you hear otherwise.

A decision on morning games will be made by 7:30am and afternoon games by 12:00pm.

To see if anything has changed:

  1. Check this website - it will be bold and obvious if the games are cancelled.
  2. Check wet weather bounceback number is updated - please SMS "MWSA" to 0428 985 410 - for the cost of a normal text message.